10 tips that any solo traveler needs to know

tips traveling aline

Shall we talk about tips when traveling alone ? I think so because there is a lot of things you may not think about, when traveling alone, especially when traveling alone for the first time! *** A lot of things are important to remember when you’re traveling, that’s why a lot of us do those […]

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Where to go in 2018 – A complete list

2018 travel list

  Figuring out where to go, what to see and what to cross off your bucket list, is a legit problem! yes, you’ve been heard! People are saying, ”just pick a place you really want to go to” ‘just’ is a word incorrectly used in the sort of sentence. Just? there are so many places […]

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Sunshine Blogger Award

blogger award

I don’t think I’ll honestly know how to accumulate the meaning of this for me. To be honest just knowing someone reads my blog, can make any day for me, like a day in heaven. Thank you so, so much Charli, for this. a thousand times, thank you! Sunshine Blogger Award Rules: Thank blogger(s) who […]

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Colorful panoramics, german & history

Have you ever tried living in another country for a while? I have, a couple of times. It’s an experience I think would be great for just about everyone! Why? because when learning about hot to live in a new country, and a different culture than your own, you learn a lot about yourself! I […]

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